Chronicle of a Dying Citrus Orchard In Goodyear, Arizona

The Rebuttal

Last week, I spoke before you at the City Council meeting and asked you to look into granting me permission to save the orchard. The next day, I drove down … Continue reading

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Second Official Response

Today I heard from the deputy City Manager, Bob Beckley. The reason for the call was to finally tell me that the reasons why they will not allow me to … Continue reading

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Killing the orchard

First, I would like to thank you for giving this the attention that, at the least, I believe it deserves. Today, after having spoken at City Council last night, I … Continue reading

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City Council Meeting

I am by no means an orator, and being an at home dad with three children hasn’t improved my public speaking skills. But maybe being an at home dad lends … Continue reading

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Operation Reach Out

We are excited to announce that your neighborhood will be receiving the Nearby Neighborhoods feature in the next week! Nearby Neighborhoods allows you to: * Start conversations with Nextdoor members … Continue reading

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Response from City Manager Brian Dalke

Dear Mr. Simone, Thank you for your email. I am looking into this matter right now and will let you know on Monday, 6/24. Sincerely, Brian Dalke — Dear Brian, … Continue reading

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Enter Wally

Wally Campbell was re-elected to city council in 2013. Per her election website, two of her top priorities she lists are: Ensure our city government is accountable to the people … Continue reading

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In Response to Howard

You mustn’t impose hopelessness, it’s not constructive. It all starts in the beginning. That’s why we homeschool our children.

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Howard’s Goodyear Blog

I came across this persons blog And because I am relatively new to the area I asked if he had any advice. This is what he wrote back. ‘Quit … Continue reading

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Dear City Manager

For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver. –Martin Luther Dear … Continue reading

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